I was bought on to this project to implement a strategic Change Management plan that would also be used as a blueprint for other WorkSafe projects.  Incorporating Kotter’s and ADKAR methodologies allowed for a strategic and tactical plan to be implemented and has also been used to inform the current HRIS project (2019-2020).

I was hands-on implementing all strategies and actions in close alignment with the project team, as well as creating all training materials and delivering much of the training. 

I also provided a range of online resources to support the face-to-face training, on the intranet site I developed to support the roll-out.

With poor experience of previous IT projects, I was bought on to this project to ensure the successful implementation of D365, as the replacement for their student management system.

Taking over project managing this project from Etco’s CFO and incorporating change management strategies, I was able to deliver a successful project: on time, in scope and within budget.

I developed User Guides, delivered all training in D365, as well as other Office 365 applications to increase the general skill level throughout the business in preparation for D365.

Post Go Live, I provided ongoing technical support as a system administrator, triaging through to the vendor as required.

March 2019 - July 2020


Project & Change Management

As a winner of a Microsoft Hackathon, Te Whangai were provided technical experts and the entire Office 365 suite of applications to build on what was developed in the Hackathon. After a year with nothing tangible delivered, I was bought on board to deliver a successful digital transformation for Te Whangai.

I interviewed their key staff to gain a deeper understanding of how they operate in their roles and how they deal with information that they are collecting, storing and reporting on. This uncovered a very manual operation with huge potential for digital transformation.

I developed a fully mobile digital system using PowerApps, SharePoint, Power BI, Excel enabling Te Whangai to track all inventory and providing them with real-time data and reporting essential to operating their business.

Please refer to Microsoft's Case Study on this project

Business Change Manager - Office 365



Digital Transformation Project


January 2018 - December 2018


January 2018 - March 2019

Change Manager | PROJECT MANAGER

Kambium (Kinetics Group)                 Jan 18-Present


Southern Hospitality                        Nov 16 - Dec 17

Digital Learning Specialist

Competenz                                            AUG 15 - OCT 16

Outsourced Projects Co-ordinator

The Learning Wave                                     2005 - 2015

Design & Production Manager (2010 - 2015)

Project Co-ordinator (2005 - 2009)